Working Class?

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:59

Originally written: 23 July 2006

Received by Capitalism’s Gravediggers on 23 July 2006.

no vulgar comments, that just described the p**sy you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no doctor, lawyer, or other high priced f*** can ever be working class. cops will never be working class, cops take away our poor to lower middle class dignity, because we as the american worker can hardly afford to fight them...... so i say F*** YOU and your wish to group everyone into your lollipop world of "workers". unions, miners, even f***ing vons baggers can have the dignity to represent the working class, you however should leave your beliefs inside your a** where they belong. (just for the record this has nothing to do with your socialism, i am not a ism. just a f***ing "worker") f*** you, f*** your beamer, and f*** your suburban life. without us real people in the trenches your pipe dream is just that.

Capitalism’s Gravediggers replies:

Fellow Worker,
  1. Class is defined by one’s relationship to the means of production. If someone owns the means of production, they are a capitalist, otherwise they are working class. Many doctors and lawyers may have significant investment (capitalist) income.

  2. Cops are clearly working class. Some cops, doing the work they are paid to do, to put food on the table, bust other working class heads. That does not for one second change their class. Being a worker does not make one a nice person. Being a nice person does does not fill one’s belly.

  3. Capitalism’s Gravediggers uses a reasonable class analysis which enables workers to focus on the problem — capitalism — instead of hating other workers. One can simply hate, or one can decide to solve the problems. Capitalism’s Gravediggers has chosen the latter path.

  4. One of the reasons that workers are still on the bottom of the class divide is that we still fight other workers. That keeps the capitalists on the top. The capitalists’ propagandists have tricked us for a very long time.

  5. It is important to recognize the difference between cops and “the cops” - a coercive agency of the state, which itself acts as an agent for the capitalist class. The coercive agents of the state are, by design, no friends of the working class.

    It should be obvious that workers should not attempt to fight the coercive agents. They have as much firepower as the capitalist state can supply, produced by our own labour to be used against us. They have workers behind the guns, because workers are constantly at each others throats, with empty bellies.

    As long as the capitalists can trick us into believing that there are issues more important than class division, workers will be tricked into believing that it is in the interests of everyone — that it is a good thing — to bash in the heads of other workers.

    As long as workers such as the writer of the e-mail above, hate cops, the cops will believe that they are cleaning the streets of trash. The cycle can continue, or the solution can begin. Cops are not blameless and cop-haters are certainly not blameless.

  6. Until the vast majority, everywhere, works for socialism, workers will never be able to free themselves. Filled with hate, lacking understanding, we will never taste freedom.

  7. Hate has not solved working class problems. It has killed a great many workers, and those remaining, remain wage slaves. If our fellow workers are intent upon hatred, their success will be counted in dead workers and hundreds of billions of worker-years of continued wage slavery.

    That is not the success sought by Capitalism’s Gravediggers.

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