What is Capitalism’s Gravediggers?

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:58

Originally written: 21 January 2006

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Capitalism’s Gravediggers sells leaflets, pamphlets and posters, and provides the following fee-based services:

Capitalism’s Gravediggers logo

Capitalism’s Gravediggers provides the Capitalism’s Gravediggers socialist information web site as a service to the working class.

What is the relationship between Capitalism’s Gravediggers, and the World Socialist Movement?

Capitalism’s Gravediggers’ proprietor is a member of the Socialist Party of Canada, which is a companion party in the World Socialist Movement. Capitalism’s Gravediggers functions independently of the World Socialist Movement, and supports the World Socialist Movement because it is the only political party known to Capitalism’s Gravediggers which presents a reasonable and revolutionary perspective on society today, and understands socialism.

Why does an organization alleging
to be socialist, solicit money?

Socialists live in the real world of capitalism. We have no choice in that. In the real world of capitalism, disseminating propaganda costs money. We are not rich as individuals or as organizations. Some socialists donate hundreds of hours annually, working for socialism. But hundreds or thousands of hours of donated time does not pay for web site hosting, or domain registration fees, or publishing journals, or advertising.

The revolution for socialism, from start to finish, from today until we create a socialist world, will be the work of the working class. Nobody else is going to do it for us. Capitalists are not going to provide free advertising space, or anything else for free. The need today is to help people understand socialism. Most people do not even know there are real socialist parties, let alone understand what socialism means. It is expensive to buy visibility.

We did not design capitalism. We do not promote capitalism. But today, as noted earlier, we have no choice but to work under capitalism using capitalism’s rules — that requires money.

Donations to Capitalism’s Gravediggers are used solely to cover costs.
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