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Originally written: 25 December 2005

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The quotes are provided to get you thinking. Just because someone famous says something does not make it true. On the other hand, people who are not socialists do provide unintended support for the socialist case.

Some of the quotes are by socialists, providing a concise statement of an important idea or fact. Others are by scientists showing, for example, that a world of plenty is practical. Politicians and capitalists confirm facts which many people do not believe when socialists describe how capitalism works.

There are quotes showing the vile beliefs supported by leaders you may trust.

Under capitalism, muddled thinking is common, and confused people are less likely to see solutions to the problems of capitalism. Some quotes are to get you thinking about things in a logical, scientific (in other words: sensible) manner.

Many of the quotes appear under two or more search categories.

It is interesting to note that since the 1950s the politicians and capitalists seem to have lost much of their candor, or understanding, when discussing how capitalism actually works. Perhaps they are afraid that the majority will hear the truth and act upon it. Or maybe the current crop of politicians really does not understand capitalism.

Whether or not they state the facts, does not change those facts.

Finally, it must be emphasized that if Capitalism’s Gravediggers agrees with some quote, that does not even remotely imply that Capitalism’s Gravediggers agrees with anything else written or said by the same author. If something is correct, it is correct. The author’s other beliefs or statements, even if contradictory, do not change that.
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