Red ink damages psyche

Updated: 11 December 2008, 23:45

Originally written: 11 December 2008

Australian teachers are being advised to avoid using red ink when marking students’ assignments. This advice is in a kit provided to teachers in about 30 schools by the Queensland state health department. The “Good Mental Health Rocks” package cautions that red is an aggressive colour which could have a negative influence upon children.

The package is designed to help teachers deal with mental health issues in the classroom. The kit suggests that schooling is a factor in the social and emotional well-being of children. It would be difficult to argue with that. If the suggested approach can help our children, and reduce the incidence of mental illness, the programme should be lauded.

Apparently 14 percent of Australian children and adolescents suffer from some sort of mental illness. Depression is the most common mental health condition experienced by young people.

One might pause to wonder at the magnitude of the effect of red ink upon children, compared to discovering that one of their parents was killed while soldiering in Afghanistan.

If, instead of worrying about the colour of teachers’ ink, humanity eliminated war by establishing socialism, the effect upon the social and emotional well-being of children would be much more significant. If we want our children to grow up, and to grow up healthy in mind and body, then we should be providing them an environment in which that is likely, not an environment of never-ending war and perpetual poverty.

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