Dead babies for profit

Updated: 28 September 2008, 01:07

Originally written: 28 September 2008

There is only one reason to add melamine to milk formula. To increase profits. Doping milk formula, or pet food, or whatever, with melamine makes it appear to have more protein, and therefore justifies a higher price. Apparently melamine is cheaper than protein-rich milk.

China, like the rest of the world’s countries has a capitalist economy, where profit trumps human health. That China is a totalitarian state doesn’t change the basic nature of capitalism: production for profit.

Approximately 53,000 babies in China have been sickened, and four have died, in this instance of profits before health.

But still, most people believe that capitalism is guided by what Adam Smith called an “invisible hand” to serve humanity by serving profit to the rich.

The invisible hand is around the throats of the working class, and a few tens of thousands of babies are just the latest obvious victims of capitalism.

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