Canadian election - again

Updated: 11 September 2008, 00:09

Originally written: 09 September 2008

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called the federal election everyone expected.

His party, the Conservatives, in opposition, campaigned for and then, in power, implemented fixed elections dates.

But what politicians say they want, and what they really want, are often inconsistent. Now, as a minority government, Harper’s excuse for ignoring the fixed election date is that government wasn’t functioning. Governments of capitalism never function in the interests of the working class (more than 90% of Canada’s population), but politicians don’t care about that. Normally politicians care about two things. The first is keeping capitalism functioning as it must — which means in the interests of the rich. The second is promoting themselves and getting elected again. After that comes the election promises — some of which some of the candidates honestly and truly support.

Harper’s dysfunctional government passed 70 government bills and defeated none. The government backed out of the phony commitment of a previous Liberal government, to the Kyoto Accord, just as Harper intended, and over the opposition of the opposition. But apparently that isn’t good enough for the Conservative Party. The opposition parties kept opposing the plans of the Conservative Party minority government. The Conservative Party apparently didn’t like that. And, if it becomes the Official Opposition as a result of this election, the Conservative Party will oppose the plans of the Liberal Party government.

It isn’t reasonable, as most people use the word, but it is the reality of politics under capitalism.

And when it comes to the status of working people, it is by and large irrelevant. Governments flip-flop among policies which always fail to solve the problems that the politicians tell us they will solve. Society will continue to work in the interests of the rich, not the majority.

And that — for whom society works — is the only real issue.

Until the majority decides that it needs to run society for the majority, the problems most people want solved, won’t be solved. War will continue. Poverty will continue. Violence will continue. Because capitalism will continue.

To solve the problems which need to be solved, the majority must stop voting for capitalism, and start working for and voting for socialism.

That sounds trite. But it is true, and the only reasonable approach to solving the problems which capitalism causes the majority to endure.

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