Peace symbol - 50 years of war

Updated: 26 May 2008, 01:34

Originally written: 25 May 2008

peace symbol flag The peace symbol was originally the “Ban the Bomb” symbol used by the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) in England in 1958 at its famous 80 kilometre march from Trafalgar Square in London to the Aldermaston weapons factory.

50 years later, nukes are barely an issue any more. The peace movement used the symbol during protests against the United States war in Vietnam.

Peace marches and anti-war protests have, to a great extent, become a small part of current protests against some of the most high profile problems of human beings living under capitalism. Poverty, environmental issues, and now global warming, usually overshadow the peace “issue.”

But a world without war and poverty, managed to preserve an ecosphere which can support and nurture human life, is still a utopian dream.

Because protesting is begging the cause of the problems to resolve them. The cause today, is capitalism. But capitalism, even among most supposed anti-capitalists, is an untouchable constant in their proposed solutions. When they propose solutions.

Idealistic approaches to the serious and deadly problems caused by capitalism will ensure that resolution remains a utopia: no place. The problems can be resolved. They can be resolved here, on Earth, by real people, in a real society. But the protesters tell socialists that they can’t wait for socialism.

Capitalism’s Gravediggers agrees. If all we do is wait, that’s all we do: wait. To solve the problems which the protesters couldn’t wait to solve — for 50 years, and won’t solve in the next 50 or 100 or 1,000 years — we have to work to build a world socialist society.

But the protestors still can’t wait.

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