War on drugs

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:34

Originally written: 06 October 2007

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that the government is going to spend $64 million over two years to crack down on those “producing and trafficking dangerous drugs like methamphetamines and cocaine.”

The Government has a three-pronged approach. It plans to allocate about $22 million to enforcement, $32 million to treatment, and $10 million for prevention (an awareness program).

Capitalism’s Gravediggers wishes the Government good luck, because that is what it will take for that approach to succeed — a lot of good luck. Again capital is attempting to solve a problem by ignoring the cause.

The cause is quite simple: money. The drug problem is caused by the ability of drug producers and traffickers to extract a lot of money from the users. If there was no profit the flow of drugs would dry up. Without a ready supply of the dangerous drugs there would be, effectively, no new users. One cannot use something which is not available for use.

But under capitalism, which necessarily reveres profit, the drugs will continue to be produced. The more difficult it becomes to produce and traffic, the more those dangerous drugs will cost. So, if users steal to feed their addictions today, they will have to steal more tomorrow. The problem will get worse, even if the number of users is reduced.

In a society structured to satisfy human needs — a world which does not need money — the problem will simply vanish. The production and trafficking of dangerous drugs will stop because there will be no way to profit from the misery of others.

But instead of solving the problem, people will put their faith in the politicians who try the same old failed formulas over and over again, hoping that if they do the same thing enough times, the results will somehow be different.

The problems in today’s society — capitalism — are severe. And the problems are not being solved by the politicians and their snake oil solutions. But don’t blame the politicians. As long as people continue to vote for capitalism, the politicians will be limited to supposed solutions which are practical under capitalism. And that prevents solution.

Nobody is going to fix the world for you. You have to be part of the solution. You have to work to create a socialist society if you want to solve the problems of capitalism.

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