Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:32

Originally written: 11 November 2006

Through the night of 9-10 November 1938, Nazi thugs set fire to and destroyed about 1,000 synagogues and as many Jewish-owned stores and homes. Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, should have become imprinted upon everyone’s mind. Kristallnacht should have changed our ways.

After World War II, people were aghast at the Holocaust. They said, “Never Again.” Perhaps they meant it. But they did not do what was necessary to ensure that genocide ended in 1945. So, genocide continues to this day.

For as long as workers are willing to tolerate capitalism, they will continue to tolerate genocide.

Genocide is not an isolated event. It exists within the global environment of hatred and poverty. It is a part of that environment. It is a result of social inequity and competition and poverty necessitated by capitalism. Because capitalism requires poverty, capitalism forces workers to compete with each other to survive. Genocide should be no surprise when it results.

End the environment which nurtures genocide — end capitalism.
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