North Korea on nuclear brink

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:31

Originally written: 13 October 2006

People do not have time to investigate a solution to the problems thrown up daily by capitalism. They are too busy. Someone else can deal with it. They cannot do anything anyway. The excuses are repeated time and again.

But there is always more than enough time to wring one’s hands, and spend hours swapping theories with others about likely outcomes when the world looks as if it might be on the brink of nuclear war, or any of a thousand other ills common under capitalism.

So it has been since North Korea, perhaps, tested a nuclear weapon earlier this week.

What should be done? Blockade? Nothing? Negotiations? Preemptive nuclear strike? The spectrum of options is broad so there is much room for discussion, and dispute. The two key players, North Korea and the United States are both quite belligerent, which makes the situation all the more — interesting.

For over 150 years, socialists have been urging people to replace the system which breeds this dance of death. But every time it happens we are told we are wrong. Every time.

History continues to prove socialists correct. Whenever we are proven correct, again, people ask us how we would solve the particular instance of the problem, and when we tell them they had to solve it fifty or one hundred years ago, they laugh derisively. But we are still correct. Socialists tell you how to solve the problems capitalism is forming now, to strike in the future. People will not look forward. People will not review their history. People often barely seem aware of what is happening today unless it becomes front page news or the top story on the TV news.

They are too busy. Someone else can deal with it. They cannot do anything anyway. The excuses are repeated time and again.

People create their future. By doing nothing, people leave those with opposing interests to attempt to mould the future. And by doing nothing, people leave in place the system which has been at war for over a century. According to Project Ploughshares capitalism is currently slaughtering people in 32 wars. But committed to capitalism, Project Ploughshares also tells us that 32 wars is down “about 27 percent since the mid-1990s.”

As long as you can be lulled into apathy, tricked into believing that real change is impossible, and allow Survivor to mesmerise you into ignoring the repugnant reality around us, you chance a much shorter future than you expected. Capitalism’s Gravediggers does not expect that recent developments in North Korea will directly precipitate a nuclear war. But much, much, less, including accidents, could. And the daily realities of capitalism, even without nuclear war, should be more than enough to stir one from apathy.

None of us can change the world individually. Together we can. You can only take a stand as one person. That, and letting others know you have made a stand, is all you have to do. Because that is how one person becomes a huge majority. When each of us stops blaming the other person for not doing their bit, and using that as an excuse for not doing our bit, the circle of excuses is broken, and we start to win.
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