Deal with terrorism!

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:29

Originally written: 23 August 2006

Perhaps you believe that Capitalism’s Gravediggers needs to deal with “today’s issues” — such as terrorism — not with long term aims.

The only solutions to problems such as terrorism are to prevent the problems.

You can allow the government to put armed soldiers in tanks on every street corner. You can allow the government to institute 24-hour-per-day and 365-day-per-year curfews. You can allow the government to put soldiers in every factory, office, and home. And after all of that, there will still be terrorism.

The only solutions to problems such as terrorism are to prevent the problems. Once the problems exist, it is too late. It is not possible to prevent al Qaeda. People could have resolved the problems causing poverty and religion before al Qaeda came into being, but did not.

We cannot go back into the past and re-make history. But we can begin to make the changes — now — which should have been made 50 and 100 and 150 years ago. Then, in 50 or 100 years, we will have prevented problems from occurring. Or in 100 years, Capitalism’s Gravediggers can be saying the same thing to people who have wasted another 100 years, and untold lives.

There are two kinds of solutions to terrorism.

The first is socialism. Establishing socialism will not occur tomorrow morning. But changes to how we perceive what is possible can occur with amazing speed. People can decide to eliminate terrorism, and its cause — capitalism — by establishing socialism. We can end terrorist attacks forever. Socialism is the solution. Socialism is possible. Socialism is practical. Socialism is necessary, now. There are no guarantees, except for the other kind of solution.

The other kind of “solution” is capitalism, which guarantees more terrorism, and less freedom.

If you decide to work for socialism, starting right now, it will not prevent a terrorist attack tomorrow. If you decide not to work for socialism, it will not prevent a terrorist attack tomorrow. As people around the world decide to work for socialism, it is not going to stop the governments from taking whatever actions they deem are necessary to fight terrorism. Working for socialism is not making the terrorists any safer or anyone else, less safe.

As the number of socialists increases, the consciousness of society necessarily changes. The way in which people think about things such as religion, and blowing people up will change. That may not be the first things which change, but they will change. People will think differently about why they are poor, and by what they are oppressed.

To deal with terrorism, either that popularized by the media, or that executed by the state, Capitalism’s Gravediggers takes the most direct route possible: the establishment of socialism. There is plenty of sound and fury today in the “war on terror.” There is absolutely no end to terror in sight. Sound and fury looks good in the media and makes good photo opportunities for politicians. Socialists will not deal with terrorism in the same ways that non-socialists deal with terrorism, because socialists want to end terrorism.

Those other kinds of “solutions” dug us into this terrorism hole. Socialists did not dig you into this hole. We show you how to climb out. We will help you climb out. But we cannot stop you from digging us all in deeper.
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