Child Support Payments

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:28

Originally written: 01 August 2006

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled, in a decision written by Justice Michel Bastarache, that
Parents have an obligation to support their children in a manner commensurate with their income and this obligation and the children’s right to support exists independently of any statute or court order.
The ruling applies to parents whose income increases significantly subsequent to the setting of child support payments.

The statement quoted from the ruling, says that a child has a “right” to support. It also makes it clear that a parent’s obligation is conditional upon the parent’s wealth. The child’s right to support, appears then, to be a right to riches, if the parent(s) are rich, and a right to poverty if the parent(s) are poor.

These are the rights bestowed upon children by capitalism. This is the best that the Supreme Court of Canada can do, because it must work under the capitalist system.

Capitalism has made it practical to eliminate poverty, but impossible to do it. The working class, starting with each individual worker, has the ability to make the practical, possible, and the possible, reality, by eliminating capitalism, and establishing socialism.

When the vast majority — the working class — decides to establish socialism, there is nothing which can prevent us from lifting our children from poverty, forever.

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