Dublin riot

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:25

Originally written: 27 February 2006

As Muslims are demonstrating gratuitous violence to assuage their hurt feelings, 300 Irish protesters in Dublin rioted and attacked policemen in their own capital city, on 25 February. According to the police, six police officers and eight civilians were injured. It is very likely that most of the protesters, police and injured, were Christians.

The rioters were protesting against Irish people from Northern Ireland, most of whom were probably Christians.

According to Irish republican protester Kelly Ann Moore, the loyalist marchers from Northern Ireland “knew what was going to happen if they tried to do this.” What the northern Christians tried to do was parade on a route approved by the Dublin Police Department. Moore said of the northerners, “they were trying to provoke this violence.”

Perhaps the northerners were attempting to provoke a riot. The Orangemen of Northern Ireland have a record of belligerence and provocation, so it is possible that some of the northerners intended violence. However, the referenced newspaper report mentions no violence from the northern marchers. Although it would be bizzare behaviour, perhaps the Dublin Police Department was trying to provoke a riot.

But nobody forced the rioters to riot. The rioters, no doubt good Christians, decided themselves, each of them individually, to riot. To lay the blame on others, no matter how provocative, is to admit, proudly, to having no more brains than a knee, jerking when tapped with a small rubber hammer.

Like many Muslims in the news recently, these Christians have demonstrated that they much prefer violence to peace. And they much prefer violence to freedom.

We, the working class of the world, gain nothing by destruction. We gain nothing by preventing others’ protests and political speech. We gain nothing at all.

Knee-jerk responses show that far too many people have abandoned the sense they were born with. Far too many people have chosen hate, violence, war, and poverty, laying the foundation for a future which could be worse than the vile past our forbears have endured.

We could live in a world of cooperation, in which we satisfy our needs. But to build that world, people will have to think, and prove to each other that human beings are worthy of a decent life. The people who demonstrate human unworthiness are perhaps few, but they wield immense psychological power. They generate fear. They are anti-social. They are terrorists. They are able to count on at least a significant minority, if not a majority of our class to acquiesce to their numskull devotion to crooked leaders, corrupt instigators, and depraved ideas.

There are far too many people who will absolve the terrorist by blaming the supposed provocateur. This is not a high road, this is not supportive of the oppressed. This is not a blow against the establishment or the “bad guys.” It is an attack on the intelligence of anyone who is oppressed. It nurtures the numskulls who avoid thought, by excusing their lack of thought. It casts them as automatons, unable to think for themselves, blindly following orders.

The numskulls are not acting intelligently. Intelligent people do not riot. Intelligent people do not forcibly prevent their opponents from speaking or protesting.

Intelligent people discuss matters rationally, and analyze the world with a materialist perspective. Intelligent people attempt to improve society, not destroy what we have built. Intelligent people recognize that capitalism cultivates knee-jerk responses by maintaining a social environment which cannot meet the needs of the vast majority. But knowing that capitalism breeds jerks does not bring reason to the jerks. The jerks must choose reason. And the rest of us must never accept that a knee-jerk response is an acceptable response.

Intelligent people can recognize the causal background for disgusting human actions. Intelligent people do not attempt to justify disgusting human actions.

It is reprehensible for society to limit free speech in every country. It is reprehensible for powerful nations to invade weaker nations for economic benefit, at the expense of those conquered. It is reprehensible to kidnap and murder journalists, doctors, aid workers, or anyone. It is reprehensible to abuse prisoners. It is reprehensible to shoot soldiers. It is reprehensible to increase the fear in society.

Every rioter has enough intelligence to choose pro-social action instead. Everyone who utters a word of hatred has enough intelligence to choose progressive action instead.

The brain, like any other part of the body, needs exercise or it wastes away. But the brain is a remarkable organ which can awake from years of abstinence and learn to think again.

Numskulls of the world! Think!

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