Jane Creba, 15, murdered on Boxing Day

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:20

Originally written: 31 December 2005

There is not enough wrong with the world today to justify the effort required to build socialism.

So socialists are told.

Every once in a while (52 times in Toronto in 2005) someone is shot to death. Some of those (and some of the remaining 26 homicides in Toronto in 2005) became major news stories. People are incensed. There are demands for more brutal retribution against killers and those who use guns when committing a crime. Sometimes the politicians oblige.

After the “improved” retribution, which ranges from longer prison sentences to death, the murders continue. The next time a murder becomes a major news story, the cries for increased retribution arise again. And the next time, and the next time.

The rate and number of homicides in Canada has been declining, from a high of 754 homicides in 1991 to 554 homicides in 2001. According to Statistics Canada, the Canada-wide homicide rate in each of the four years 1998 to 2001, was the lowest over the period 1982 to 2001 (the latest readily available figures). During the period 1988-89 to 2000-01, the prison sentence length declined from 47 months to 42 months. Further, “despite having incarceration rates that are 5 to 6 times higher, American cities are much more dangerous than comparable Canadian cities.” These numbers suggest that the “logic” of increasing retribution with longer prison sentences is clearly wrong.

People talk about the need to take bold steps to counter the violence. Some of those bold steps include inroads into “civil rights,” but proponents of those inroads say that the loss of those “rights” is minimal compared to the violence.

The debate roils.

No anti-crime measure ever tried, anywhere, has come even close to success. The absolute failure of every approach so far — ranging from summary execution, to submachine-gun-toting police in the streets, to social re-integration — does not deter the reform-minded. They are willing to be proven wrong, forever, as the death toll mounts.

The inherent violence of capitalism causes the violence, therefore the solution must be the elimination of capitalism. The response to this approach is stony silence from those who are the very people who need protection. Apparently “bold steps” do not include practical solutions. So, the murders continue.

People talk about “bold initiatives” but they really mean the same old proven failures.

Socialists talk about the solution. Please listen. Then please implement the only practical solution: socialism.

The murder of 15 year old Jane Creba (murdered accidentally on Boxing Day 2005 in Toronto) can be the beginning of the solution, or just another wasted life.

The gangsters who killed Jane Creba and wounded six others, on crowded Yonge street in downtown Toronto, were involved in a turf war. The issue? Which gang can shop at a specific sporting goods store. Jane Creba and the other six victims are what the military calls “collateral damage.” She was not targetted. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and people willing to shoot other people are not concerned about “collateral damage.”

Gangs exist for two reasons: money and power. Socialism — a social system with no need for money — naturally eliminates the first reason. The second is also eliminated by socialism because the feeling of powerlessness, prevalent under capitalism, will be replaced by real control over one’s own life.

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