Canada — Election 2006

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:19

Originally written: 31 December 2005

The politicians for capitalism are fighting each other to get your vote. They are traipsing around the country, demonstrating the skills, which they hope you will agree, show that they are fit to run capitalism for a few months or years, or whatever they decide after the election.

The leaders want us to see that they are competent to handle the weighty affairs of state. They use the election period to do that. Why the period between the elections, during which they prove that they have absolutely no ability at all to solve any major problem, is ignored by the electorate, Capitalism’s Gravediggers cannot comprehend. But socialists, because we are materialists, recognize the facts as they are.

Socialists recognize that the skills exhibited by socialists just do not cut the mustard. We run analytical rings around the others, proving that we understand how capitalism functions. We show people exactly how capitalism legally robs workers at the point of production. We show that the history of capitalism proves us correct, time and time again. We show that the history of capitalism proves the reformers of capitalism — all of non-socialist political parties — wrong, time and time again. That includes those who claim to be socialist but obviously are not.

Socialists have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that capitalism has not, does not, and will never be able to serve the interests of the vast majority of the population: the working class — more than 90 percent of the population. Socialists have shown why capitalism must be replaced by socialism, how it must be replaced, and why the replacement is desirable and practical.

But, as noted earlier, that is not what the electorate wants to hear.

The electorate wants proof of the necessary skills to run Canada for the capitalists. So, during the inter-election period, the capitalist party shows that it will do anything to serve the capitalist class, no matter how devastating to the working class. During the all-important election campaign the capitalist party (or the sub-sections most consider political parties: Conservative, Green, Liberal, NDP, Communist, etc.) pulls out all the stops to prove its worth.

The skills politicians demonstrate, as key indicators of their ability: We socialists could do those things, and prove to you that socialists are every bit as superficial as the others.

But. . . . Well we have to admit it. Socialists have a severe personality defect: intelligence.

There is no way to ignore it. We cannot pretend otherwise.

Socialists look at society and analyse it so that we clearly understand what it does, why it does it, and why it cannot work in the interests of the huge majority of the population.

We show the alternative which people just like you could build. And nobody wants to hear it.

There are thousands of excuses for not wanting to hear socialists.

For example:

  1. The failure of socialism!
    • Shown to be obviously false.
    • Who spreads this falsehood?
      • Liars — Know it is false.
      • Fools — Refuse to accept the facts.
      • Sleepwalkers — Can’t be bothered to know anything even slightly difficult.
  2. Human nature makes socialism impossible!
    • Shown to be obviously false.
    • Who spreads this falsehood?
      • Liars — Know it is false.
      • Fools — Refuse to accept the facts.
      • Sleepwalkers — Can’t be bothered to know anything even slightly difficult.
  3. Capitalism was and is forever!
    • Shown to be obviously false.
    • Who spreads this falsehood?
      • Liars — Know it is false.
      • Fools — Refuse to accept the facts.
      • Sleepwalkers — Can’t be bothered to know anything even slightly difficult.
Can you see the pattern here?

You got it!

Socialists don’t kiss babies to trick you into voting for socialism.

That is more true than you might think. Socialists do not want you to vote for socialism unless you understand what we are talking about, and want to do your part to build socialism and make it work.

Socialists also don’t want you to vote for capitalism, unless that is what you want: exploitation, war, poverty, hatred (racial, cultural, national, sexual, religious, etc.).

On top of our bizarre dedication to understanding and fixing the problems, socialists have another mental deviance. We do not see the point in constantly voting for political parties which constantly fail to solve the problems you want solved.

Oh, well.

Although you may be annoyed that we distracted you from the baby kissing, pancake flipping, and story telling of the “real” political parties, we hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.

But, before you go back to sleep, think about this: the capitalists have to spend millions of dollars every day to trick you into buying capitalism — don’t get fooled again!

Why are there no socialist candidates in this election?

Socialists do not want to get elected so that socialist MPs can try to run capitalism. Capitalism is the problem! The election of socialist MPs with a huge majority vote, is a signal that the working class is ready to replace capitalism with socialism.

Until then — speed the day — the parties of capitalism will have to run capitalism as best they can. Until you join us to build a satisfactory society, we will all have to suffer the failures of the capitalists’ politicians.

The working class has made it painfully clear that it is not ready to solve the problems of capitalism. That means that people are going to vote for capitalism, no matter what we socialists prove.

When the working class starts to become conscious of its class interests there will be socialist candidates. Until then, mark your ballot: Socialism. And join us.

Some say that marking your ballot — Socialism — is spoiling your ballot. Socialists disagree. It is better to vote for what you want, and not get it, than to vote for what you don’t want, and get it! Voting for capitalism is spoiling your ballot!
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