London Massacre

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:06

Originally written: 13 July 2005

The confirmed death toll from the murderous bombings in London on 7 July 2005 is now at least 52, and may rise to 70 or more.

Some are noting that these attacks are the results of “injustices” in Iraq and Afghanistan, perpetrated by the United States and the United Kingdom. That is, at least in part, true. However some are going beyond the recognition of the immediate causes, to make comments to the effect that this “terrorism” is as justifiable as the “terrorism” of the United States and its allies in Iraq. The point being made is that somehow injustice justifies injustice.

That idea is very widespread. Some, such as United States President George Bush state it differently. For them, the injustices perpetrated by “terrorists” justifies the injustice of killing the innocent in Iraq and Afghanistan. Turned around, but the same idea.

This disgusting idea, restated, is that slaughtering the “innocents” behind those who slaughter others, justifies slaughtering the “innocents” behind those who slaughter others.

That approach, justified by religions, justified by countries, justified by the media, justified by the left, centre, and right, and justified by the “morally outraged,” will keep the murder wheel rolling over new “innocents,” forever. We live in a society which requires violence, and nobody should be surprised that the violence gets spread around. Nobody should accept the violence, but most do. As long as society requires violence, murderous violence will be part of our lives. No war slaughter can stop that. No terrorist slaughter can stop that. No military sanctions, no economic sanctions, no religious sanctions, no moral sanctions, nothing can stop the violence under capitalism. Capitalism requires violence, and breeds violence.

The vast majority believe that whatever socialism might mean, they do not have time to find out. The vast majority is happy enough with the violence at every level of capitalist society, that even investigating an alternative is not worth the bother. So the slaughter will continue. Mothers and fathers and children, of real people, will continue to be massacred. Every murderer removed from society will be replaced by another, bred by capitalism. Some of the new murderers will murder outside of the nice, civilized, normal rules of war. Some of the new murderers will stay within those nice, civilized, normal rules of war. All of them will believe they are justified, because the vast majority holds to the “eye for an eye” approach to “justice.”

The perspective of socialists, considered bizarre by most, is that prevention is an infinitely superior approach. Prevention is the only possible way to end the cycle of violence. Socialists are berated for not having immediate solutions. Nobody has an immediate solution which could possibly work.

Because only the socialist solution can ever work, socialists do not waste time proposing “solutions” which we know cannot work. It seems that most people almost idolize the politicians and their previously failed solutions. If socialists wanted to curry superficial favour, we could stop being intelligent human beings, and become politicians. But socialists do not want superficial favour.

Socialists want to end the slaughter, so we work for the only system of society which can end the slaughter by preventing it.

You can be outraged and do nothing. Or you can build the solution. It is your choice, whether or not you believe you have chosen, and whether or not you think ending the slaughter is too much trouble. Stop fooling yourself. Admit you have chosen a forever of slaughter.

Or choose socialism.
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