Palestinian Authority executes murderers

Updated: 21 May 2008, 23:05

Originally written: 14 June 2005

Those who kill for their “cause” apparently believe that the end justifies the means. In other words, killing and maiming others is completely acceptable to some because the murderer’s cause is supposedly just and good.

Socialists are not the first to say that the apologists for human sacrifice have reason turned upside down. The means create the end in the image of the means. If a social environment is created by killing others, the social environment will condone and support killing people. The end will be a vicious society which may be worse than the current society.

The Palestinian Authority is not the first nation which has shown that violence breeds violence. The Palestinian Authority executed four human beings on Sunday, 12 June, 2005. The details of the murders are not clear from the news article. However, it is clear that a nation created by violence continues the violence.

The news article comments that the Gaza Strip is rife with “lawlessness and chaos.” Born of lawlessness and chaos, the result is lawlessness and chaos.

Socialists urge those who say they want to create a better world, to realize that they will fail, utterly, if they choose inherently violent means. Capitalism has provided most of us with a better means: the ballot. Although the vote under capitalism is little more than a trick, it is a tool we can use. We can turn it from a cruel joke, into a means of emancipation. Instead of voting for capitalism, people can vote for themselves — for socialism.

Created by peaceful means, by peaceful people, socialism will reflect its creation. Created by people seeking to free themselves by freeing everyone, socialism will reflect its creation. Created by forward thinking people consumed by enlightened self interest, socialism will reflect its creators. Created by industrious, pioneering, creative people, socialism will reflect its creators.

You can be one of those peaceful, freedom loving, industrious, pioneering, creative people, or you can permit capitalism to thrive at your expense. You can agree to a society — capitalism — which has proven that it will kill millions, and brutalize a billion more, each year.

It is your choice. If you choose not to make a choice, you have made the choice to support a system of society which opposes freedom and satisfaction of human needs. All the self-justification in the world will not change that, and it will not create a satisfactory society for us and our children and grandchildren.
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