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Updated: 21 May 2008, 22:32

Originally written: 04 November 2006


Capitalism’s Gravediggers has had reports from people who have been spammed from

Possible cause: This domain,, was acquired by Capitalism’s Gravediggers on 2 June 2006. The previous owner apparently spammed, and people still receive spam allegedly from

Capitalism’s Gravediggers does not spam.

Any spam you receive, alleging to come from a Capitalism’s Gravediggers web site, including, is lying about its source. There is nothing that Capitalism’s Gravediggers can do to stop this abusive behaviour, because it does not originate with Capitalism’s Gravediggers. Capitalism’s Gravediggers has never provided anyone with anyone’s e-mail address.

Solution: End capitalism. Without profit, spam will end because it will not be profitable for the spammers or for the Internet Service Providers who accommodate spammers.

Work around: Try using a spam filter. This is not even close to a solution, but for now it is the best that capitalism has to offer e-mail users.
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