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Updated: 21 May 2008, 22:31

Originally written: 21 March 2005

Links do not link.

You click on a link, and nothing happens. You do not see a pop-up or a new page.

Possible cause # 1: Your browser may be configured to open new links in the background.

Solution # 1 a: Check to see if another window, or another tab, has opened. Select that window or tab.

Solution # 1 b: Disable the “open in background” configuration option.

Possible cause # 2: Your browser may have a “pop-up blocker”, even if you don’t know it. Some of those nice browser plug-ins you may have downloaded may be blocking pop-ups.

Solution: Remove the pop-up blocker, or disable it for this site. Specific actions for the Google Toolbar are noted below.

Work around: Press and hold the CTL (or CTRL) key as you click on a link. This should work with the Google toolbar, and may work with other popup blockers.

This web site has no unsolicited pop-ups. You do not need the protection of a pop-up blocker here.

There may be unsolicited pop-ups on some sites (such as online news services) to which this site links. That is one of the unpleasant realities of capitalism: capitalists will do anything to sell you something.

Google Toolbar: Although the Google toolbar appears to properly display popups on this site, it is possible that your configuration, or changes in the Google toolbar, could cause problems. If you are using the Google toolbar, and you see in the toolbar (the number of popups blocked will probably not be “4”), click it and you should see . Henceforth, links should work on this web site.

To permit a pop-up on a one-time basis, press and hold the CTL (or CTRL) key as you click on a link.

For further information about the Google toolbar, refer to the Google Toolbar help.
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