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Updated: 21 May 2008, 22:30

Originally written: 17 July 2006

No characters appear when you type in the Contact form, and Firefox tries to find them on the page.

If you click on Contact in the left navigation bar, you go to the Contact form. If you click into one of the entry fields and begin typing, no characters appear, and Firefox begins finding the characters you type, on the web page. You may see a Find bar at the bottom of your browser window, and you may hear a sound indicating that Firefox cannot find whatever you have typed, in the page.

Known to occur in Firefox and 2.0.

Probable cause: Firefox bug.

Solution: No solution known.

Work around # 1: Click outside of the Firefox window, then back into the input field.

Work around # 2: In the Firefox browser, in the menu, click on Tools | Options... then click on the Advanced tab, and uncheck the box labelled "Begin finding when you being typing"

Firefox support is aware of the problem.
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