One World, One People

Updated: 21 May 2008, 22:15

Originally written: 05 December 2005

“One World, One People” has a nice sound to it. It is a concept which most of us would like to see made into a reality. But society today is riven with conflict and hatred. One world, one people may, therefore, seem like nothing more than perverse imagination which raises our hopes to be dashed upon the rocks of the world around us.

One world, one people is so far from today’s reality that most of us automatically, without even thinking about it, refuse to think about it.

That serves the interests of a very small, very rich, segment of global society. That segment rarely has any qualms about supporting both sides in armed conflicts. That small minority reaps unimaginable wealth by simply, and legally, stealing a little from each and every worker, each and every day. If we started thinking about that, the paradise of the rich would soon collapse and be replaced by what would today sound like a utopia for everyone. So, national divisions, religious divisions, language divisions, skin colour divisions, poverty divisions, and imaginary political divisions, are necessary, and inherent in the social structures built upon the economic superstructure of society.

All of these divisions direct us to distrust, to hate, or even just to see superficial differences as huge. Therefore, the divisions continue, self-sustaining.

None of those differences, in and of themselves, make one world, one people impossible, or even unreasonable. The differences would not stand as significant, alone. They are interlinked with every other negative thing we believe about our humanity. Some of the links actually reinforce the differences, so minor differences are blown up into conflagrations. Other links are purely imaginary, but because they are believed, they increase and multiply all of the other negative perspectives.

At the root of all of these differences is a real difference: class division in society. As long as there are rich and poor there will be a social need to justify and maintain that division. That social need is not something the average person needs. Nor is it likely to benefit the vast majority of humanity. In current reality that social need is beneficial to only one of the two meaningful classes in society. The poor class which need employment for a living does not benefit.

The rich class, which does not need to be employed, is the real beneficiary. The rich class — the capitalist class — needs to distract us from thinking about this class division. Whenever the working class has begun to see through the veil of lies, the capitalist class, and its lackeys in government, have come down hard to eliminate their problem. They have shut down journals which expose the truth. They have murdered the people brave enough to expose the truth. They have done whatever was necessary.

But because the class division, to some extent, depends upon us not realizing that there is a class division, eventually the attacks become less obvious. Temporarily, “freedom of speech” is permitted to those of us who expose the truth. As long as nobody listens — as long as the propaganda against one world, one people is successful — the capitalist class can tolerate those of us who point out that one world, one people actually is a possible and desirable future.

So today you can read this on the Internet. On the other hand, the United States and Canadian governments are working hard to improve their ability to monitor the Internet. They want to ensure that “terrorists” and anyone else “accidentally” caught in the government’s net can be traced. It is portrayed as a necessary encroachment upon our privacy. Given the nature and requirements of capitalism, such encroachments are probably justified. But it is the nature and requirements of capitalism which are the problem in the first place.

One world, one people is possible. It is not even very difficult to implement, but for one huge problem: the capitalist propaganda is almost 100 percent effective. Nobody listens to the dreamers who expose the truth, and point to a practical, desirable future.

We hope some day (soon) you'll join us, and the world will live as one.
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